Jesse Groom / Cicatrix (Mirror 01)
Lisa Sacco / Vital Friction
Felicia Neuhof + Samuel Aguirre
Shellf Life Chair
Yuxuan Huang / Twig Chair
Lisa Sacco / Chunk of the World
Felicia Neuhof / Shellf Life Tapestry
Lisa Sacco / Reflection Plane
Yuxuan Huang / Murmur II Pendant
Samuel Aguirre / Credenza 01
Jesse Groom / Cicatrix Floor Lamp
Felicia Neuhof / Shellf Life Bowl

Momentum is a collection of objects presenting a dynamic approach to materiality. Through experimental craftsmanship, designers Samuel Aguirre, Jesse Groom, Yuxuan Huang, Felicia Neuhof, and Lisa Sacco push the boundaries of furniture typographies. The objects are a testament to a transformative process where creators explore a novel approach to material, environmental impact, process, and future thought. We invite you on a journey of discovery by sharing the work and process of the artist.

Felicia Neuhof, RISD M.ARCH '24
Jesse Groom, RISD MFA '23
Lisa Sacco, RISD MFA '23
Samuel Aguirre, RISD MFA '24
Yuxuan Huang, RISD MFA '24