Jesse Groom
Cicatrix Floor Lamp

Aluminum, 4043 Filler Rod

Born from a process of practice, the Cicatrix Series interprets common household furniture through a hyper focused interaction between material and maker. The floor lamp is an exhibition of 130 hours of thorought TIG welding which covers every inch of the base and shade surface. This common material finds its form strength and structure by way of the heat and additive method and eludes the human partcipants visual expectations. 

Artist Bio  @jessewouldwork
Jesse Groom (he/him) is a designer currently based out of the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. His work re-centers the relationship between maker/object, object/user, and maker/user. He attempts to facilitate a conversation, both metaphorical and  literal, within these relationships, where all autonomies are present. He insists on the direct contact between designer and material in order to realize our objects and spaces. Embracing imperfections, dismantling expectations, he hopes to usher in a shift in our collective visual processing. Jesse was raised in Brooklyn, NY where he spent his young days biking into post industrial landscapes looking for aged relics of human effort. Emptied waterside factories, corroded pylons, abandoned fields backdropped by burnt out boats, double decker bus parking lots; he has always been drawn to the evidences of existence rather than a refined end-goal.

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Cicatrix (Mirror 01)