Felicia Neuhof 
Shellf Life Tapestry

Oyster Shell, Mussel Shell, Clam Shell, Wool

Shellf Life is a calcium carbonate based bio-material made of local Rhode Island sourced shells from oysters, mussels and clams. The colors are influenced by the climate where they grow and the contents of their diet. In this tapestry, Shellf Life is applied to hand-knit, sheep wool fiber where it felts a flexible yet stable bond that calcifies and strengthens over time. In this iteration, Shellf Life goes beyond net zero and presents an opportunity to fertilize soils, filter water and capture carbon as it grows and cures. The two materials offer rigidity and create new dimensional and environmental potential in textiles. 

Artist Bio @hi___felicia
Felicia is an artist and architect. working with shells, she combines dry and wet, land and sea, applying energy to physically and chemically transform bio-materials to a programmable medium. She seeks answers in collaborating with non-human intelligence to find new ways of being, making, living, and sharing.

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